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Antitrust and Competition Law

Advice and Counseling:

In the implementation of a tariff transparency policy:

  • Invoicing methods
  • Fixing payment periods and late payment penalties
  • Communication of general terms and conditions of sale

In the context of illicit commercial practices:

  • Restrictive trade practices: resale at a loss, imposed price, sales return, discount and allowance, abuse of purchase and sale power, sudden termination of established commercial relationships, dereferencing, abusive payment terms, conditional sales or services, violation of the prohibition to sell outside a network
  • Anticompetitive practices: concerted practices, abuse of dominant position or abuse of economic dependency, abnormally low price

In the context of partnerships, mergers, acquisitions, takeovers, and creation of joint ventures:

  • Check of the feasibility of the project in relation to regulations on merger controls and analysis tests applied by competition authorities
  • Informal contacts, actions and notifications to Competition Authorities

Pre-litigation and Litigation:

Assistance, counseling and representation, for plaintiffs or defendants, on restricted trade practices and anticompetitive practices, before any ordinary courts, National and EU Competition authorities and arbitral courts.

Training programs (onsite training, conferences in association with training institutes)

  • Ways to set up a distribution network in France and abroad
  • Compliance with Consumer Law
  • Pricing practices
  • Restrictive practices
  • Anticompetitive practices



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