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Commercial/Real Estate Leases

Advice and Counseling:

  • Negotiation and drafting of leases and deeds of transfer of business assets, rights or securities leases covering these social assets, preparation of offers for sale and acquisition and transfer mandates
  • Acquisition of networks (shopping centres and city centres)
  • Advice to pools of buyers, support services to companies in their development
  • Valuation of assets in connection with specialized expertise firms
  • Review, notice, renewal and eviction
  • Audit of rental situations


Assistance, counseling and representation, of plaintiffs or defendants, before the Commission of Conciliation for Commercial Leases (Commission de conciliation des baux commerciaux) and before all courts [Civil Court (Tribunal de Grande Instance), Judge of commercial rents (Juge des loyers commerciaux), Court of Appeal (Cour d'Appel)]

Lessor/lessee disputes and in particular disputes related to commercial property [right of the lessee to a renewable lease], rent adjustment or renewal, fixation of the eviction indemnity, and more generally any questions regarding the status of commercial leases.

Our teams act on behalf of specialized brands, in the fields of fashion, luxury products and distribution. They are in constant relation with their developers, agents, architects in connection with their retail points of sale.



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