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Labor and Employment Law

Advice and Counseling:

Day to day assistance to employers in their relations with their employees

on an individual level: drafting of employment agreements, delegation of authorities, social mandate and employment agreements, compensation and working hours, sickness and incapacity, non-competition clauses, impatriation and expatriation, dismissal, negotiated termination, special status (models, freelance journalists – sales representatives (VRP), professional sports players, stylists)

on a collective level: set up of employees’ representative bodies (institutions représentatives du personnel -IRP), follow-up of the information and consultation procedures with IRP, drafting and negotiation of collective bargaining agreements (in particular those related to the assignment of and/or remuneration attached to intellectual property rights), jobs and skills management planning (gestion prévisionnelle des emplois et des competences), agreements on method in the context of collective bargaining procedures (accord de méthode), Information technology use charters, support for restructuring (in particular in the context of ad hoc mandate (Mandat ad hoc) and conciliation proceedings), employment protection plans (plans de sauvegarde de l’emploi), incentives and profit sharing (intéressement et participation), rights to shares and stock options plans

Labor and Employment Audit: acquisition audits, employees’ inventions or creations, prevention of social risk, discrimination, training and continuing education, health and safety, employee savings, status and compensation of managers

Assistance of top managers and corporate officers


Assistance, counseling and representation, of plaintiffs or defendants, before civil courts ( Tribunaux de Grande Instance) in civil matters [collective labor disputes trade conflicts, challenges to employment protection plans (plans de sauvegarde de l’emploi), etc...], criminal matters [Labor or Social security law offences], Labor courts (Conseils des Prud'hommes), Districtcourts (Tribunaux d'Instance) [electoral conflicts, disputes related to the appointment of union representatives), Tribunaux des Affaires Sociales, Courts of appeal (Cours d’Appels) and Administrative courts.



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