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Sports Law

Advice and Counseling:

Counseling organizers of sporting events in all disciplines:

  • Olympic Movement
  • National and International sports Federations
  • Private organizers
  • Media rights and sports marketing agencies
  • Candidates and organization committees for big international events (Olympic Games/World Cups/European Championships, etc.)
  • Local authorities organizers or partners of sports events

Drafting of all consultations, agreements and contracts for the organization and financing of sports events:

  • Competitive bids
  • Licenses for the use of organizers’ media and audiovisual rights (television, Internet, mobile phones...)
  • Sponsorship, setting up and follow-up of partnership programs- definition of exclusive fields of activities or not- issues related to sponsorship and events name
  • Intellectual property Licensing
  • Ticketing (distribution channel of tickets - compliance with EU and national Competition laws – terms and conditions of sales and use of tickets– fight against tickets resale and black market activities)
  • Sports Regulations (specific laws of the games – compatibility and compliance with National and international Federations Regulation)
  • Pro Athletes Employment Agreements
  • Volunteering programs within big sports events

Support of all stakeholders as part of their internal and external growth:

  • Acquisition of sporting events
  • Acquisition of sports clubs
  • Restructuring of Sports clubs (not profit and commercial corporations)

Pre-litigation and Litigation:

• Before all jurisdictions, specific national and international authorities:

  • Conciliation Commission of the French Olympic and Sporting Committee (CNOSF)
  • The Sport Arbitration Chamber(CAS) of the French Olympic and Sporting Committee (CNOSF)
  • National sports federations (administrative appeals before the Administrative Court (Tribunal Administratif), Administrative Court of Appeal (Cour Administrative d'appel), Conseil d'Etat
  • International sports Federations
  • Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne, Switzerland

• Before ordinary courts:

  • Defense of the property rights of organizers – infringement, unfair competition and copyright proceedings related to trademarks, proprietary rights and knowhow of organizers - Ambush Marketing – Sports gambling
  • Antitrust and restrictive practices in the Sports industry
  • Image rights of organizers and/or professional players (individual or collective sale of image rights)
  • Labor and Employment issues related to Sports

• Before National and EU Competition Authorities:

  • Assistance and representation of organizers, as plaintiffs or defendants
  • Anticompetitive practices (concerted practices- abuse of dominant position)
  • Definition of the relevant economical market segments in the sports field
  • Grants of rights by the organizers and compliance with Competition Law
  • Balancing interest of Federations in their regulatory role and compatibility with their economic activities Sports and (conflicts of interest)
  • Disputes between organizers and other Sports stakeholders (clubs, teams, players, national or international associations of clubs, teams or players)


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