Providing day-to-day assistance to companies in their relations with their employees

On an individual level: drafting employment contracts, professional training, disciplinary law, implementing delegation of powers, social mandate and employment agreements, compensation and working hours, sickness and incapacity, non-complete clauses, overseas transfers and recruitment, dismissal, negotiated and voluntary termination, special statuses (sportspeople, models, journalists and freelancers, stylists, inventors, sales representatives).

On a collective level: setting up and running staff representation institutions (IRP – Institutions représentatives du personnel), monitoring of communications practices in relations with for IRPs, drafting and negotiating collective bargaining agreements (in particular concerning the transfer of or compensation for intellectual property rights, organization of working time, equality in the workplace, overtime pay, remote-working, flexi-time, etc.), preventative management of jobs and skills, protection of employees' personal data (RGPD), cyber-surveillance, workplace ethics, mental health risks, IT usage agreements, support in restructuring (in particular in the context of ad hoc mandate (Mandat ad hoc) and conciliation proceedings), drafting, negotiating and implementing job protection plans, voluntary departure plans, collective performance agreements, collective redundancy packages, employee profit-sharing and incentive schemes, company savings, stock options or share purchasing.

Labor and Employment Audits: acquisition audits, employees’ inventions or creations, mental and physical health risk management, discrimination, training, health and safety, employee savings, status and compensation of managers.

Providing assistance to top managers and corporate officers