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Created in 1989, NFALAW brings together lawyers with a very high level of expertise in the fields of Intellectual Property Law, Sports Law, Competition Law, Consumer Law and Distribution Law

A high level of legal expertise combined with strong judicial experience.

More than thirty years of daily practice in civil, commercial, administrative and regulatory proceedings, enable NFALAW to assist its clients in all aspects of their business, from operational risk analysis to resolving pre-litigation and litigation.

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L’Officiel Juridique du Sport – N°163 – Juillet 2021

Le sportif, ce mannequin (salarié) comme les autres.

L’Officiel Juridique du Sport – N°162 – Juin 2021

La marque « CHAMPIONNAT D'EUROPE DE FOOTBALL 2016 » (temporairement ?) hors-jeu
02.05.2021 – N°420 – Vendredi 30 avril 2021

Super Ligue : fiasco ou victoire (provisoire ?) du modèle sportif européen